Never thought about it sentimentally
Never saw just how much you thought I meant to me
Never learned about it in university
Never thought about it cause you’re the first to see



Domesticar MAPS

amiga de la vida
-Efectivamente, verás -dijo el zorro-. Tú no eres para mí todavía más que un muchachito igual a otros cien mil muchachitos y no te necesito para nada. Tampoco tú tienes necesidad de mí y no soy para ti más que un zorro entre otros cien mil zorros semejantes. Pero si tú me domesticas, entonces tendremos necesidad el uno del otro. Tú serás para mí único en el mundo, yo seré para ti único en el mundo…


me robe la foto

Bring it


lips are turning blue…

you just need to yell their name .. they’ll appear with the biggest smile ever and they won’t ask , they won’t tell… they are gonna turn their faces , they will empty their minds.
they love different colors.
the one on the left is blue, blue as peace speaking the truth through verbal self-expression
And in the other hand he is red– optimistic, courageous and confident i think

I know her life is speeding and it isn’t stopping.

he had his eyes wide open, why were they open?